Chic & motivational brand specializing in lifestyle products & gifts for everyone

With the custom design pieces by Hello Fran, Sonia hopes these daily lifestyle items will remind yourself that you are Strong, Bold & Amazing.

"Because Everyone Deserves Chic Stationary, Surprises & a WHOLE LOT of Encouragement"

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Our Beliefs The core of what we do - spreading JOY, ENCOURAGEMENT & CREATIVITY with our positive vibes boxes! Hello Fran is all about promoting self worth and confidence

"You have got it in you", this is what I've always told people around me when they doubt themselves.

I told them they can do it & get them to say it together with me! When you speak life over someone, something in them starts to change - they began to believe themselves, hope & faith arise in them & self confidence began to build. Then slowly, you see them being transform to a passion driven person who is bold to pursue their passion & learn to accept & love themselves for who they are.

There is great power in our words.

Being a volunteer helping underprivileged women previously, today Sonia is bringing her passion out in the market place by spreading encouragement & creativity through these subscription boxes.


"Too few people are not being acknowledge of their hard work, talents & creativity. So I'll be that person to encourage & motivate them. Do not despite the encouragement you speak over someone, because it's powerful & it takes root in everyone of us".